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Funding Adventures Through Diving

Aloha from Oahu, Hawaii. 

From Lord Howe Island to Exmouth in Western Australia, to the islands in the Philippines, Hannah has lived an adventurous few years.

Hannah diving with turtles in Hawaii

If you’re mad keen on diving and want to turn that into a reality, Hannah gives us some hot tips on how to do just that.  She started in Australia on a working holiday visa, went travelling and lived in South East Asia and then completed her dive masters in Komodo, before becoming a diving instructor in Bohol.

We talk about how the Komodo national park is something that everyone should experience. 

It is part of the coral triangle and due to the various currents in the area, it brings different nutrients and loads of species to create an underwater dream!  Let’s not forget to mention the huge Komodo dragons that cruise around.

Hannah gives a shout out to Azul Unlimited diving for if you are ever in the region.

These experiences of travel and being immersed in the underwater world has built a strong connection for Hannah between her and the ocean.  She has found her passion and gone all in on it.  Her days are spent diving for Reef Pirates Diving, working for coral restoration projects and educating people every day.  In her down time she loves to go to ‘Spitting Caves’ to switch off and reset.

Finally we talk about the plastic problem and the effects of putting a big city on a small island.  Having the great ocean garbage patch surrounding the waters of the island, she sees trash on the beach every single day and has recently just saved a turtle from further ingesting fishing line. Thankfully though, Hawaii is onto the eco friendly options.

Hannah is a big advocate for educating people about the environment and why we need to protect it. She recommends that everyone get outside and hit the beach or take a dive and immerse yourself into the ocean.

Here bomb drop at the end is – “get out of your comfort zone. Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain. This applies to anything in your life. If you can go out and make a change or an impact, even if you’re doomed and you’re going to fail or maybe you won’t fail at all. You go out there and you make the change!” 

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