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Natural Makeup Remover Pads


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Ditch those wipes and convert to an all natural, good for your face and good for the environment product.  These make up removers are  70% bamboo  and 30% cotton and come with a little laundry bag so you can throw them in with your regular loads. 

Why the two colours you ask? Well, this is so you can use the dark side for cleaning the mascara from your eyes or lipstick from your lips, then the lighter side for applying toner and moisturizers.

BONUS! They come in a cool bamboo container to keep them altogether and nice and organised.

Eco bonuses:

  • Bamboo is fast growing and only needs a little bit of water for survival.
  • Make up remover wipes are not natural and they come in plastic packaging, you’re ditching both of those with this.
  • You can use the pads for a light exfoliate too.
  • 98% biodegradable. The 2% synthetic is to hold the wipes together.

Grab a set today, give them a wash and get cleaning that beautiful face of yours.


In these crazy times, please allow up to 25 days for the delivery of this product. We will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible


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