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It all started when I was backpacking in Borneo, in 2010.

I was heading to Turtle Island, an island with turtles on it, out from Sandakan, Sabah.  To get over there, it was a short walk through a stilt village (houses built on stilts over the water), then a half-an-hour boat trip.

The walk through the village is what got me… the plastic and rubbish was thick from being dumped out of the houses and straight into the ocean.  How is it that TURTLE island was just 2km away and below where I was walking was a good 100 metres of THICK plastic trash.   

*Mind Blown * Heart Broken*

As I continued to travel for that year I learnt a lot about different cultures, religions and environments. It was when I was on the back of a motorbike, cruising through Vietnam that I decided what I wanted to do… something with the environment and something with tourism.

I believe that this is a great way to spread awareness – get people travelling, allowing them to experience new things and have their eyes opened to the world.

I did the uni thing, I kept travelling and volunteering. Then, I landed my dream job – a tour guide, in South-East Asia for Bamboo. I got to give back to local communities and show groups of 20 people how life was, on this side of the world. It led to a wealth of opportunities and adventures in Costa Rica, India, Bali, Thailand and Cambodia. And I won the TourRadars ‘Tour Guide of the Year’ award – hello free holiday!

After an epic two years, I had an itch to go out and clean the beaches of the world.  Travel all the coasts, create environmental awareness and to live a plastic free life  as I go. So here we are.

Get on board with us and join a tour!

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