About Us


What is Chasin Clean Coasts?

Chasin Clean Coasts is all about spreading awareness of the marine environment to the world. With a love for the ocean and travel, a fire in the Chasin heart was lit and the adventures kicked off. What arose from this fire was an eco-friendly group-tour organisation and a space for coastal vibers, worldly groovers and change makers. What arose was a lifestyle. A lifestyle to get out there and see the world, meet new people, become immersed in different cultures, educate ourselves and others about the world we live in and create a lifestyle where we can friendlier to the environment. A dream of travelling the coasts of the world whilst cleaning them, and educating people slowly became a reality. Welcome to Chasin Clean Coasts – let’s get Chasin!!

Elisha Petrie

The Founder

Elisha, the founder, is an award winning tour guide who has an obsession with the ocean and its protection. She is a mad keen outdoor adventurer and an avid backpacker.Elisha has as strong connection to South East Asia, where she has spent many years volunteering, travelling and partying just a little bit.

Her love for the ocean came about some years ago whilst volunteering on beaches in Queensland, monitoring nesting Loggerhead turtles. Linked with a desire to be constantly travelling she started Chasin Clean Coasts.She is all about responsible tourism and going above and beyond for her crew and it’s all just part of the everyday grind. As a total turtle nutter and adventure seeker, there is never a dull moment!