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Indonesia is home to the Coral Triangle, the Island of Gods and Magnificent Scenery.
The country is made up of more than 18000 islands and we will be visiting three of them. Bali, Gili Trawangan and Nusa Penida.
Start in the touristy area of Legian, trek through rice terraces, be immersed in local cultural traditions, swim under waterfalls and participate in environmental conservation projects.
This 13 day tour to Legian, Ubud, Gili Trawagan and Nusa Penida is full of adventure

Don’t just to Bali, do Indonesia!

Come by yourself or bring a friend, everyone is welcome and it will be an adventure you won’t forget!
14th March, 2024 – Enquire via email for Komodo Add On.
17th May, 2024 – Join us for the Komodo Add on.
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Trip Details

Day 1 :

Hello Bali! Legian

This is it, the day you’ve been Welcome to the island of Gods. Today, one of the Chasin team will meet you at the airport and guide you to the hotel, where you can relax after your long journey by the pool or take a wander around the area. Be around in the evening to meet and head to the beach to watch the sun set into the Indian Ocean

Day 2 :

Beaches, cliffs and traditional dances. Legian.

Rise and shine Chasin crew! After a breakfast we will do a bit of an orientation to welcome you and give you the run down on some cultural traditions, how the tour will run and who’s who. We’ll then hit the ground running to explore some of the south coast of this beautiful island. We’ve got a big day planned!

Day 3 :

Rice terraces, monkeys and some rafting. Ubud.

Todays plan is to head north. We’ll be changing hotels and moving to Ubud, the traditional center where you’ll find beautiful arts and crafts, lush forests and monkeys. We have a few stops along the way including some white water rafting! Tonight, dinner is included.

Day 4 :

Markets and local clean up. Ubud.

This morning we’ll head to the market or you can choose to explore on your own. Later in the day we are going to join the Sungai Watch team and get our hands dirty with a clean up.

Day 5 :

Ultimate Cultural Experience. Ubud.

Strap yourself in for a full on cultural day. We will see more of the beauty of Bali today with a visit to a temple and a village and you’ll learn to cook local food.

Day 6 :

Moving Day. Gili Trawangan.

Today is a travel day. We’ll be picked up early for our trip across to Gili Trawangan. This island has no cars, is very popular for diving and is a part of the Lombok island group. The travel days can be long, so have your book or headphones handy. When we arrive at Gili T we’ll check into our hotel and spend the afternoon relaxing.

Day 7 - 9

Project Time and Exploring the Island. Gili Trawangan.

Time to get your hands dirty again with Gili Eco Trust, an organisation that is focused on sustainable practices for the island and its environment. We’ll be beach cleaning, learning, snorkelling, collecting data, watching sunsets plus so much more! The project will change from time to time, but with all things Chasin’ it’ll be a small step for a big difference!

Day 10

Free Day. Gili Trawangan.

This day is for you to do what you like, lay by the pool, wander around the island or head out for a snorkel.

Day 11

Travel Day. Sanur.

Another travel day to get us back to Bali and to our last location in Sanur. This beach side town is a little quieter and that is perfect for us tonight to chill, recover from the travel day and get ready for our last day together tomorrow.

Day 12

Nusa Penida Day trip. Sanur.

We are heading over to Nusa Penida today to try our luck to spot some Manta Rays while snorkelling and visiting some ‘Travel Magazine’ famous destinations.

Day 13

End of Tour

Our last breakfast together before everyone heads their own way off home or on to the next adventure.

Two Day Komodo Experience - Additional Tour

If you’re up for visiting the home of the Komodo Dragon, some more island hopping, crystal clear waters and beautiful reefs, then a few more days in Indonesia is definitely for you!

Join us for this additional tour.

Komodo, we are coming for you!!

We’ll be flying to Labuan Bajo, then getting transferred to our new island home.

This trip is all about the beauty of the world we live in and who we share it with. We’ll be taking a boat around the islands to see Komodo Dragons, pink beaches and local reefs. Let’s cross our fingers for some Manta Rays!

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Eco Conscious

Small Groups

Our Testimonials

Susan Marga Designation

I think it is so rewarding to travel while volunteering and also learning about ocean conservation. Elisha really opened my eyes about so many things. Cannot wait for the next adventure 🥰

Shashank Uppal Travel Enthusiast

Travelling with Elisha was one the best experience I've got so far. After exploring Thailand with Chasin Tours, I'll surely recommend Chasin Tours for easy and safe travelling.

Rennee Nature Lover

Love the energy & passion this environmental organisation puts into their clean ups

Jane Traveller

I have just got home from the Philippines trip and enjoyed every minute of it. All the activities were interesting, educational, inspiring and gave a great sense of satisfaction. Elisha had everything arranged so all I had to do was turn up and enjoy. I would love to do another trip with Chasin' maybe Thailand next year?

Cher World Traveller

I think it is so rewarding to travel while volunteering and also learning about ocean conservation. Elisha really opened my eyes about so many things. Cannot wait for the next adventure 🥰

Tara Diver

I highly recommend Chasin Clean Coasts! If you are looking for a vacation with meaning, education and fun, Chasin Clean Coasts is it! Elisha does a great job of organizing various volunteer projects with local organizations as well as cultural experiences and just plain fun! My Philippines trip with Chasin Clean Coasts was amazing. It was very rewarding and I also came away from it with a whole new family of like minded people! Can't wait to spend more time with all of them. Keep up the great job Elisha!!

Lorraine Chasin Family

If you want an amazing experience, then Chasin Clean Coasts is the company for you. If you want to give a little back to the community and help with cleaning beaches, planting mangroves and much much more, then Chasin Clean Coasts is for you. If you want to have fun, and even more fun...if you want to be with like minded people, if you want something that little bit different...then look no further. I have just come back from the Philippines tour and it exceeded all of my expectations.

Susan Diver

An unforgettable experience. Every element was researched and organised to maximise the adventure and really add value to the community/beach/marine projects undertaken. A great way to see other countries, have fun and help make a small change with like minded people

Norma Ranch Owner

Chasin Clean Coasts in the Philippines was the best adventure and education you could have. We visited three different islands where we cleaned the beaches, did a survey on the health of the local coral, experienced the culture first hand and met the most fabulous people. New friends for life!!”

Doris Hiker

So happy to be a part of the Chasin family, which is exactly what Chasin Clean Coasts is all about. We worked, played, dined, explored and lived together. Forever friends and family, helping to save our beautiful planet and it's beautiful wild (and endangered) inhabitants. Thank you Elisha Petrie, with eternal love and gratitude

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