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Immerse yourself into a 13 day Philippine adventure and give back to our environment at the same time.
From the capital city buzz of Manila to crystal clear waters, towering limestone cliffs of El Nido and white sandy beaches with lively reefs around Bohol.
You’ll witness traditional culture, beautiful people and all things marine conservation. This tour will definitely leave you wanting more!

11th of October, 2024

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Trip Details

Day 1 :

Arrival Day, Manila.

This is it, the day you’ve

been waiting for! Welcome to the hustle and bustle of Manila, one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

Let the culture shock begin!

Today, one of the Chasin team will meet you at the airport and guide you to the hotel, where you can chill after the long journey or take a wander around the area. Be around for sunset, as we will meet up and head out to watch day turn to night.

Day 2 :

City Tour, Manila.

Let’s sus out the city of Manila.
We’ll be cruising along the canal, using our legs, riding like a local in a jeepney and while we are at it, let’s jump on a bike for a bit of a sunset ride around the famous Intramuros.

Tonight we will hit a great food market for some more local eats.

Day 3 :

Travel Day, El Nido.

It’s time to escape the craziness and take to the skies for a flight to El Nido, Palawan.

Once we’ve checked in, it’ll be a free afternoon to shop, jump in the ocean or just sit and watch the world go by.

This evening we’ll meet for dinner at the famous El Nido Art Cafe.

Day 4 :

Island Hopping, El Nido.

Who’s ready to help save the ocean???
We are!!!

Stretch up and slap on some sunscreen, because we are hitting the water by kayak and boat to sus out the rubbish and do a clean up of whatever we find. The sights of today will blow your mind!

Day 5 :

Cultural Experience, El Nido.

Time to learn the tricks of the trade with a full on cultural experience day. Coconut cracking, cooking class and learning a traditional dance are just some of the things you’ll experience.We’ll reflect on the day by watching the sunset from the beach and embracing the beauty of nature!

Day 6 :

Eco-experience, El Nido.

Time to get your hands dirty again with a group that is focused on sustainable practises for businesses in the El Nido. The project will change from time to time, but with all things Chasin’ it’ll be a small step for a big difference!This afternoon we will venture over to another beach for more great views, a swim and of course a beautiful sunset to finish the day.

Day 7

Travel Day, Bohol.

We have to say goodbye to this majestic place today and board another island to island flight.

Let us welcome you to Bohol by treating you to a traditional massage.

Day 8

Island Tour, Bohol.

Tour time! Ever heard of the Chocolate hills? How about Tarsiers?We will show you some of the highlights of Bohol today. Bring your camera and get ready for a day out playing tourist.

Day 9 - 11

Marine Conservation Experience, Bohol.

This is where we will meet with a couple that do amazing things for our environment. The Chasin crew will have the privilege to join in and learn more about it all. Starting with an orientation, the next few days will be filled with workshops, snorkel surveys, beach cleans and all other things conservation. Bring your notebook and pen, or at least your brain because you’re going to learn a lot!

Day 12

Island Tour, Bohol.

We are giving your brains a break today and taking you to see some more epic sights of this area. To finish off our time together with a final meal on the beach. Dinner is on us!

Day 13

Bye Bye or Stay A Little Longer?

Our final ‘see you soon’ and big hugs will be had this morning.

We will help you arrange onward travel to wherever you’re heading or if you’re keen to stay another week read on.

Day 13 - 18

Additional Week on Cebu

Snorkel with turtles and 1000s of sardines, swim under waterfalls, enjoy sunsets, get a massage, try diving and relax!

This is a time for you to do as little or as much as you wish. The island of Cebu is the perfect spot for that.

We have your accommodation in Moalboal and Cebu, transfers and two days of island experiences included in this extra package.

After a four night stay in Moalboal, we will transfer to Cebu city for one final night together. This is where we say goodbye to each other and you can return back to Manila or wherever else you’d like to go in the Philippines.

Whichever direction you choose, Chasin will be there to help you if you need.

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Our Testimonials

Susan Marga Designation

I think it is so rewarding to travel while volunteering and also learning about ocean conservation. Elisha really opened my eyes about so many things. Cannot wait for the next adventure 🥰

Shashank Uppal Travel Enthusiast

Travelling with Elisha was one the best experience I've got so far. After exploring Thailand with Chasin Tours, I'll surely recommend Chasin Tours for easy and safe travelling.

Rennee Nature Lover

Love the energy & passion this environmental organisation puts into their clean ups

Jane Traveller

I have just got home from the Philippines trip and enjoyed every minute of it. All the activities were interesting, educational, inspiring and gave a great sense of satisfaction. Elisha had everything arranged so all I had to do was turn up and enjoy. I would love to do another trip with Chasin' maybe Thailand next year?

Cher World Traveller

I think it is so rewarding to travel while volunteering and also learning about ocean conservation. Elisha really opened my eyes about so many things. Cannot wait for the next adventure 🥰

Tara Diver

I highly recommend Chasin Clean Coasts! If you are looking for a vacation with meaning, education and fun, Chasin Clean Coasts is it! Elisha does a great job of organizing various volunteer projects with local organizations as well as cultural experiences and just plain fun! My Philippines trip with Chasin Clean Coasts was amazing. It was very rewarding and I also came away from it with a whole new family of like minded people! Can't wait to spend more time with all of them. Keep up the great job Elisha!!

Lorraine Chasin Family

If you want an amazing experience, then Chasin Clean Coasts is the company for you. If you want to give a little back to the community and help with cleaning beaches, planting mangroves and much much more, then Chasin Clean Coasts is for you. If you want to have fun, and even more fun...if you want to be with like minded people, if you want something that little bit different...then look no further. I have just come back from the Philippines tour and it exceeded all of my expectations.

Susan Diver

An unforgettable experience. Every element was researched and organised to maximise the adventure and really add value to the community/beach/marine projects undertaken. A great way to see other countries, have fun and help make a small change with like minded people

Norma Ranch Owner

Chasin Clean Coasts in the Philippines was the best adventure and education you could have. We visited three different islands where we cleaned the beaches, did a survey on the health of the local coral, experienced the culture first hand and met the most fabulous people. New friends for life!!”

Doris Hiker

So happy to be a part of the Chasin family, which is exactly what Chasin Clean Coasts is all about. We worked, played, dined, explored and lived together. Forever friends and family, helping to save our beautiful planet and it's beautiful wild (and endangered) inhabitants. Thank you Elisha Petrie, with eternal love and gratitude

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