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Sea Gypsies, Sterilization Projects and Combating Waste in Thailand

Fi has been travelling the world for years, living with and learning from many different cultures and making a positive impact wherever she goes.

On our episode together we touch on so many topics that will inspire and motivate you to learn more about this beautiful world that we live in. Dialling in from Koh Payam in Thailand, this episode is a must hear!

We go back to the 80’s when she first started travelling to Thailand and how she fell in love with the culture, the people and everything that was the land of smiles. When the tsunami hit the shores in 2004, the country was left in devastation and Fi went immediately over to lend a hand.

Over the years she has met incredible people doing incredible things, like Amanda and Gary, the founders of All For Villages. They cleaned wells to allow people to have fresh, clean water,  assisted in the hospital and the school systems and helped the animals by providing food and starting a sterilization program. Plus so much more!

Some years later Fi met the Moken people whilst visiting Koh Payam and was intrigued at how they lived and wanted to know more about these ‘Guardians of the Sea’. Fast forward a few years and Fi has been welcomed into their community. She describes their culture and how they work together to survive, their connection with the spirit of nature and what they are doing now in this modern world.

We discussed the ‘trash for cash’ and ‘waste bank’ initiatives that they have started on the island and in the school with the help of ‘Ranong Recycling’ and the ‘Jan & Oscar foundation’. As well as, the success of the ‘Lanta Animal Welfare’ program and how we can get involved with these projects.

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