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Travel Plastic Free

How can I travel and be plastic free?! It’s a question I used to ask myself a lot and I still sometimes find myself asking.  

Living in Asia was a real eye opener at just how much single-use plastic one can use without even realising.

But, times are changing crew. Airlines are considering how much they consume, some have even taken on plastic free flights; a handful of hotels are getting on the plastic free bandwagon by not supplying all the little bottles, the single use soaps, the water bottles, the plastic wrapped slippers and the straws in their arrival drinks; cafes, restaurants and bars are ditching straws, having little write ups about why we need to save the environment and offering water re-fill stations. And now, we have a tour company that is aiming to be plastic free for the duration of the tour.  Who is this amazing company, you ask? It’s us and you can be apart of the Chasin Clean Coasts crew!!

How we are doing it, and how you can too….


The old plastic water bottle. A real no-brainer!

I have a mini heart attack when I see people still using plastic water bottles. Like, “mate, its 2019, plastic bottles are out!”  Such an easy swap here, get yourself a re-useable bottle.

Now, when it comes to the travelling part, use that big voice of yours and ask for them to refill your bottle at a café or your hotel. 9 times out of 10 they’re going to happily fill it up for you. I always make sure to say a big thank you and tell them how great it is that they are supporting a plastic free option for people.

If you’re scared to use your big voice or you are going proper off the beaten track and there won’t be any safe drinking water, then there is still another option.  Go for a portable filtration system. These babies can be filled up from any water source and the water gets filtered before you drink. You beauty!

 Number 2

Plastic Straws

If you haven’t seen the video of the turtle with the straw up its nose, then you need to be checking that out and I guarantee you’ll never want to use a straw again. Thankfully these nasty things no longer need to be in your life.  There are so many on the market out there. Guess what, we’ve got some right here in our shop!

 Number 3

 Takeaway Containers. 

Tupperware, stainless steel boxes, banana leaves. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Have you seen the photos of the polystyrene boxes, all broken up into tiny pieces and looking delicious for a turtle to eat.  Maybe you’ve seen a coast line or beach with these little bits scattered all over. If you have, let me know via the socials, might be that we plan a tour there and we can go clean it up together.

Anyway, back to the containers. Sure some may be a little bulky, but they are soooo worth it. And along with the bottles and straws, its an easy swap.  Pack it right and you’ll be used to having it on you in no time.

Pad Thai from the little man in Khao San Road, Bangkok – in the container please.

Olives and sundried tomato mix from the deli – in the container please.

Leftover pizza that you splurged on in an Italian restaurant – in the container please!

Right, that’s sorted.

 Number 3.5

 Food food food.

On another note of takeaway and eating while on the road.

All the fitness gurus and all the pro-time-management people are into the meal prepping. So too can the environmental lovers. 

Use one of those snazzy containers that you’re taking with you and go cook yourself some ala spaghetti or oi troi oi fried rice or make a sandwich and take that with you.  Good for the planet, better for your wallet and even better for your health! Go you!

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